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• In CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC we believe that the privacy and confidentiality of the information that provide us our user, customers and affiliates, by this means, it is very important, by which we maintain a privacy policy that ensures that such information is not used for other purposes than the listed below are described in this document. By please read you the following statutes and terms of privacy that we apply to the treatment of personal information that we receive on our website and various electronic media.

CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC is reserves the right to modify the privacy policies of their sites, Ordinance and application changes and reforms that the law indicates and points in this regard.

Collection of personal information.

• CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC collects information through all their electronic and digital media, such as: email, VoIP, forms of contact or by phone.

How is your personal information used?

• Provide better care services to our clients is the main objective that keeps CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC when it collects personal information

CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC processes and study the personal information supplied by our different sources in order to approach and studies marketing on behalf of the interests and needs of its customers and affiliates.

• To less that you confirm does not require information from CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC. you will be listed in our schedule of services as the beneficiary within our care programs, to assume a conformity of terms in the use of our facilities and services, that allows us to send you information periodically in the form of notices, news, benefits material and/or advertising by this company, authorized personnel or associates.

Protection of your personal information.

CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC  does not rent, sell, or share personal information that you give us, with other persons or entities not affiliated with our corporate group. The information is used only as promotional, and business agenda for the benefit of the offer of products and services provided by this company and you have requested to accept our privacy policy.

CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC may share personal information that you give us, exclusively with authorized personnel and partners of this company, becoming specific use of it, for the purposes of business agenda and promotion, which only concern towards the contact with its affiliates, as well as the dissemination of products and services that the company offers, being able to use this information to discretion and agreement of terms, benefit to our different departments requiring to contact you.

• If you do not want to receive information and/or authorized by our company, personal material and partners, you may indicate this preference, using the sent an e-mail to our service to clients: requesting the EESC and low of the personal information that we keep close to you, in our databases.

CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC to respect this preference and not envira any information or promotional material, which refer to the activities and services offered by our company, exclusively using your personal information as a contact agenda to the products and services you request or are of interest.

Announcements and changes

CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC reserves the right to update and/or change their policies and terms of privacy at any time.

CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC will notify you about significant changes in the policies and terms of privacy, by sending an e-mail message to the account that you have registered in your name. These changes will be published on our web sites and will be in force at the time of its publication.

•When you use one of our electronic, multimedia services and contact, please review the policies and terms of privacy here published, before making use of them, since using them being acceptance of the terms here published.

CALIFORNIA JANITORIAL SERVICES LLC will be on the lookout for any type of claim, clarification, comments and suggestions about the published policies of privacy here, please contact us if you have any questions or do not agree with them.

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