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School & Sports Facilities

California Janitorial Services will improve the look of any kind of facility and provide your students with a comfortable learning environment.

We consider all of our employees professional cleaner that will give your facility the most thorough cleaning service ever! Call us to schedule your FREE estimate and have your students enjoy walking through daily freshly cleaned corridors.

We Love The Jobs You Hate!

You and your employees work hard, let us help keep your office workplace office clean and tidy, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

We have a knowledgeable trained staff of office cleaners and janitors, quality supervision, Green chemicals and techniques, the right cleaning equipment, security procedures, programs, and equipment to handle the very specific office cleaning needs of any office building.

Expert schools cleaning service you can trust.

Neat & Orderly

We take care of every detail cleaning and respecting the place of his stuff.


We take care of your stuff with the same delicacy that you do.

Honest & Safety

Honesty and safety are basic principles of our company

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Just give us a call at 510 812-1420 or send us a quick email at info@janitorialarea.com